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Head-on Accidents in New Jersey

There are fewer car accidents more severe than head-on collisions; over the past five years, almost 60% of all fatal car accidents in the United States were head-on collisions. A head-on collision occurs when two vehicles heading toward one another make contact. If the cars are not squarely aligned and only a portion of the front of each vehicle is involved, it is still considered a head-on collision. If you have been in a head-on collision, you should hire a lawyer immediately before the insurance companies begin to offer you much less than what you are entitled to.

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Most Common Injuries From Head on Accidents in New Jersey

Frontal accidents are much more dangerous because both cars are moving simultaneously, creating an augmented force of impact over other types of car crashes. The severity of injuries in this type of accident is determined by the speed of both cars, the use of seatbelts, and the size of each vehicle. Studies have shown that survival is less likely if both cars go faster than 43mph. Head-on crashes can result in spinal injuries and possible partial or total paralysis, concussion, exposed fractures, appendage fractures, amputation of extremities, whiplash, broken ribs, disfigurement, severe brain injuries, skull fractures, severe hemorrhaging, and internal organ damage such as a lacerated liver or punctured lung. These are serious injuries that will likely require surgical intervention, rehabilitation, and extensive medical treatment. Some injuries can cause a permanent disability that could affect your work and home life. The most grave injuries in an accident such as this can result in death.

Top Causes of Head-On Collisions

Top Causes of Head on Accidents Mercer County NJ

There are many causes of a frontal crash, and several can be seen in any car accident. What is different with a head-on collision is that one of the vehicles is going the wrong way by trying to pass someone, not seeing the double yellow line, or swerving to miss something on the road. Several specific events can lead to a frontal collision—driving while drowsy is akin to driving under the influence. Weaving back and forth, steering into traffic, a driver who hasn’t slept enough can cause an accident. Another cause is driver confusion which occurs when someone is unfamiliar with the road, especially at night or when the driver is elderly. They can mistakenly drive up an offramp or the wrong way on a one-way street.

Impaired driving is the most common reason for car accidents in general. Being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs can reduce a driver’s reaction time to dangers or other motorists. Sometimes prescription medications can make a driver dizzy or drowsy, so it is essential to medicate responsibly—distracted driving results from an increase in technological advances and a desire to stay connected. The rate of accidents caused by cell phone use has more than doubled in the last year. Drivers can be distracted by passengers, eating while driving, or adjusting controls.

Speeding and improper passing are the last on this list. Typically, they go hand in hand because a driver who wants to go faster than the car in front of them will pass as soon as they think it is safe. The most significant number of fatalities in head-on collisions occur on rural roads where one car was speeding to pass the other. More than 70% of head-on collisions in the U.S. happen on rural roads.

The first thing you should do is call 911. They will dispatch the police and an ambulance right away. If you can move around, that doesn’t mean you aren’t hurt. Adrenaline is good at masking injuries, so go to the hospital and get checked out. If the other driver can talk with you, request their insurance information, and remember to take as many pictures as you can of both vehicles. If there are witnesses, get their personal information to contact them later. Once you are released, make sure to have all your medical information regarding diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis.

Determining Liability for a NJ Head-On Car Accident

After having been the victim of a head-on collision, you may wonder where you stand in terms of getting compensation for your injuries and damages. Four pillars of negligence must be proven to have a successful personal injury case. The first is the duty of care. Drivers are expected to follow the rules of the road and not cause a head-on collision. You were correct to expect a certain level of safety. Next, you must prove the driver who hit you violated the road rules and breached their duty to drive safely. Thirdly, you must confirm that your injuries and damage directly result from the other person’s negligence. This is called causation. Lastly, the damages you seek for injuries, pain, suffering, lost wages, and medical bills.

Recoverable Damages for a Head-On Collision in NJ

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The driver and their passengers injured by accident caused by someone’s negligence in a head-on collision recover damages by suing the negligent driver. There are two kinds of damages:  economic and non-economic damages. Monetary damages are those costs that have an exact figure attached to them, such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other expenses. Non-economic damages are compensation for things that don’t have an exact monetary value, such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, or disfigurement. If the other driver was excessively reckless and particularly negligent, punitive damages could be added to compensate for that.

Get Help with Your Head-on Accident Case in Pennington, Trenton, Hamilton, Ewing, & Mercer County NJ

A car accident is scary, especially one as serious as a head-on collision. You could experience trauma and PTSD because of your accident. You may be very emotional for months afterward. A lawyer knows all laws that you may find hard to interpret. They know whom to interview what information to request and steer your case in the proper direction. Your lawyer can request traffic reports, talk with your doctor, and track down any witnesses to your accident who can provide more details about what happened.

No one expects to have a car accident, much less a head-on collision. At Cohen & Riechelson, our team of distinguished accident lawyers is ready to take on the insurance companies who will probably pressure you into accepting a lowball offer upfront before anything has been analyzed carefully. The insurance company is not interested in getting a fair settlement for your injuries and pain and suffering. They make money by offering as little as possible to accident victims. Let us build your case for you while you take the time you need to recover.

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