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Injuries from Rear-end Accidents in Mercer County NJ

When you travel the roadways long enough, the odds of your getting into an accident rise. Near the top of the list of auto accidents is the rear-end collision. Caused by the number one reason for accidents, distraction, rear-end collisions total 29 percent of nationwide accidents and 23 percent of all New Jersey vehicle crashes. While most rear-enders are minor, with mild to moderate injuries resulting, others can land an accident victim in the hospital with medical treatment lasting years if not a lifetime. Fortunately, vehicle insurance covers many road incidents, but getting paid by insurance companies is not always easy. And some accident damages exceed a driver’s coverage.

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Top Reasons for Rear End Accidents

Unquestionably, driving while distracted causes innumerable collisions and near accidents. Everyday experience confirms this fact. Driving while texting, arguing with a passenger, fiddling with radios or papers, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and being sleep-deprived are only a few everyday distraction situations that affect driving and cause rear-enders. Of course, speeding and reckless driving also contribute to the statistics, but one reason for these collisions is tailgating or following the car in front too closely.

Tailgating a Frequent Cause of Rear End Collisions in New Jersey

Even though New Jersey law prohibits tailgating (N.J.S.A. 39:4-89), people often do it. While the law calls for judgment as to what is too close, relying on a driver’s reasonable and prudent assessment, most drivers in traffic, in a hurry, or in their world of thoughts and to-do lists pay little attention to the distance they maintain to the car in front of them. Further, the Department of Motor Vehicles handbook recommends a more precise distance between vehicles at one car length per ten miles per hour.

Consider, if a driver coasts down the highway at 65 miles per hour, they should keep 6.5 car lengths behind the car in front. A rule of thumb is to keep three seconds distance between cars measured by a stationary object on the road, like a sign. Once the vehicle ahead passes the sign, the driver following should pass the sign after three seconds. Of course, weather and road hazards may require more space between cars. Thus, when traffic screeches to a halt and the driver ahead stops suddenly, a rear-end collision is likely if the driver behind is too close.

Who Holds Responsibility for Rear End Accidents?

Seeking Compensation for Rear End Crashes in New Jersey

When drivers do not obey the law or exercise reasonable safety precautions, they typically take the blame for rear-end accidents. Unless the driver intentionally slammed on their brakes, maybe to teach the car behind a lesson for tailgating or someone backed into the car behind, the one rear-ending another vehicle is responsible for property and personal damages. Now, if mechanical failure or road conditions caused a driver to rear-end another, they may not be entirely liable to the accident victim. And one vehicle cutting in front of another dangerously close can also relieve the rear-ender of liability. In some cases of shared liability, New Jersey’s comparative negligence principles apportion blame and corresponding damages to each party responsible for the crash. Thus, the rear-end victim may not get all their damages paid if they are partially responsible for the accident.

Common Rear End Crash Injuries

Depending on the driver’s speed and impact, a rear-end accident victim may suffer multiple injuries. The most common are whiplash, neck, and back injuries for mild to moderate impact. Other injuries include head injuries from hitting objects in the car, seatbelts, and airbags. Cuts and bruises from broken glass and safety restraints are common, as are fractured and nerve damage from sprains and impacts. In addition, serious accidents cause internal bleeding, concussions, and spinal cord injuries. Though many accident survivors may feel fine immediately after, the shock of an accident may mask the aches and pain that follow later in the day or in the days and weeks after.

Immediate Actions After You Have been Injured in a Rear-End Accident

All accident victims should seek medical attention as soon as possible after the incident. Waiting too long afterward to see a doctor raises suspicions in an insurance company’s eyes. The assumption is that there was no injury or if so, it was so slight that the victim could continue going about their business unaffected. Besides, an accident victim may not know the extent of their injuries until a medical doctor examines them and determines a course of treatment. Insurance companies do not make it easy to collect a proper payout for damages. They often dispute the damages a victim claims, the necessity of medical treatment, and the cause of injury. Insurance companies may claim the victim had pre-existing conditions that caused the injury and not the accident.

Personal Injury Lawyers Protecting From Abusive Insurance Companies

These liability and damages disputes are common, and personal injury lawyers encounter them frequently. So, when you get competent representation, an insurance company adjuster is aware that they cannot take advantage of an individual who may not know the laws. An adjuster also understands they must make legitimate objections to a claim or demand for compensation. A seasoned lawyer can counter and address any opposition by an insurer and prosecute a rear-end accident lawsuit to recover the highest possible amount for damages.

Connect with an Accomplished Accident Lawyer at Cohen & Riechelson to Discuss Your Rear End Accident Claim

In many cases, it is better to settle a personal injury claim. However, if a settlement is not possible, our skilled accident lawyers at Cohen & Riechelson hire the proper experts and conduct a thorough investigation to prove liability and damages. A personal injury trial can get technical when accident reconstructionist experts must prove who caused an accident by evidentiary clues in the involved cars and the accident scene in addition to police reports. This complexity is especially true in a high loss accident where other factors may have intervened, according to the defendant. Fortunately, our skilled personal injury lawyers can handle what is required to prove a case, including educating a jury and cross-examining witnesses at trial, as well as tough negotiations before trial.

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