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Many different types of injuries can be sustained in car accidents, slips and falls, and work accidents. One common injury involved in these types of accidents are lacerations, cuts, and abrasions. Lacerations are wounds occurring to the skin that are often irregular or jagged and do not cause the skin to be removed, such as certain puncture wounds and other blunt traumas. Abrasions, on the other hand, result in part of the skin being lost. Both of these wounds constitute cuts.

While some lacerations and abrasions can seem minor, they can cause long-term and even life-threatening damage if not properly treated. If you have sustained abrasion or laceration injuries due to someone else’s negligence or active harm, you may have the right to seek financial compensation for associated medical expenses.

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How Laceration Accidents Usually Happen

Lacerations are typically caused by blunt interaction with a sharp object. This most often occurs in car accidents when glass shatters on a person or when the broken metal in the vehicle punctures a person’s skin. On the street and at certain workplaces, laceration injury risks include sharp objects sticking up on the ground, such as nails and broken glass, or rough unfinished metal fixtures on construction sites protruding into walkways and creating a cutting hazard.

Categorizing Laceration Injuries

Lacerations may take different forms. They may be deep, as in the case of a nail puncturing skin, or shallow, like a sliver of glass cutting through the surface skin tissue. Objects may also cause long or short lacerations, and the cuts may be wide or narrow.

Painful Indications of a Laceration Injury

Most lacerations create a visible wound, including bleeding, swelling, and bruising. They also cause mild to severe pain; if the wound has struck a nerve or ligament, the pain will be intense and shooting.

Seek Medical Help After a Laceration Injury

The most important thing to do after sustaining a laceration wound is to seek immediate medical care. Depending on its severity, this could be going to the emergency room, calling your doctor, or tending to your wound at home. The primary necessity of any laceration wound is to be properly cleaned as soon as possible. In the absence of a clean wound, bacteria can enter and cause blood infection, which can spread through the body and cause potentially life-threatening complications.

Available Treatment Options for Laceration Injuries

In all cases, keeping the wound clean is the primary imperative, so treating all lacerations includes cleaning the wound regularly and changing its bandages periodically to ensure a clean and breathable environment conducive to healing. Home treatment involves cleaning the wound carefully and thoroughly and applying an antibacterial gel before covering the wound in a clean, breathable protective gauze. Depending on the depth of the cut, medical treatment may be required, and a laceration may need stitches or staples. In some cases, if nerve or ligament damage is done, surgery may be necessary.

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Is it Possible to Receive Compensation for Lacerations from an Accident in NJ?

Like all personal injuries, if your laceration injury occurred because someone else, including a property owner or employer, was negligent in providing a safe environment or safe conditions on the road, you may be able to file a claim for compensation for your medical expenses. Part of the damages for which you can seek compensation includes the expenses you paid out-of-pocket that were associated with your injury, such as gauze and antibacterial ointments. Additionally, if your injury caused you to miss work, you can seek damages for lost wages.

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