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An unexpected injury can derail your career by making it difficult, if not impossible, for you to return to work. While you recover from your injury, you could lose a great deal of money. In the worst case scenario, you might never be able to perform your job with the same effectiveness as you did prior to the injury. Regardless of the extent of your injuries, you don’t deserve to be out of work and unable to make a living simply because you were injured on the job.

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Under NJ and PA law, workers’ compensation temporary disability benefits must be available to you if you’ve been injured on the job and are unable to return to work as a result. Unfortunately, many employers and their insurance companies will oppose claims for short-term disability benefits. In the event that your employer denies you temporary disability benefits, or requires you to do work that your doctor has said you should not be doing while you are recovering from an injury, a knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney can help you challenge your employer’s decision.

If you’ve been injured on the job, do not hesitate to contact the experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Cohen & Riechelson to discuss your disability claim.

What Are the Requirements for Temporary Disability Benefits?

New Jersey and Pennsylvania law require your employer to provide workers’ compensation temporary disability benefits for work-related injuries. You may be eligible for temporary disability benefits if you’re injured on the job, you’re under medical care, and you’ve missed at least seven days of work. These monetary benefits can amount to up to 70 percent of your gross average weekly wage. In New Jersey, you can receive temporary disability benefits for up to 400 weeks.

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is a term that describes the point at which you are considered as well as you’re ever going to get. Either your doctor or an independent doctor assigned to examine you by the insurance company must make this determination. Once a doctor determines that you have reached the point at which you’re simply not going to improve, we will help you determine if you are eligible for permanent disability benefits. If you are eligible for permanent disability benefits, our attorneys will guide you through the complicated application process so that you can receive the permanent disability awards for which you qualify.

You Need a Lawyer with Advanced Strategies for Getting You Disability Benefits

An experienced New Jersey temporary disability benefits lawyer is essential to you if your employer is denying your entitlement to medical disability benefits. The skilled workers’ compensation lawyers at Cohen & Riechelson know precisely what evidence to collect and how to present the evidence to your employer and their insurance company. We understand the nuances of workers’ compensation law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania because we’ve represented countless clients in these cases. As a result, we’ve developed advanced strategies that allow us to respond effectively to an employer who denies you the benefits to which you are entitled. Additionally, we will make sure that any settlement offer you receive from your employer or your employer’s insurance company represents a fair amount for you and your family.

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