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Motorcycle accident victims are at great risk of physical injuries – especially head injuries – because motorcyclists are less protected than car occupants during collisions. A motorcycle accident victim can suffer a severe blow to the head, which often causes a traumatic brain injury. A motorcycle rider can also experience severe head trauma when they are thrown from their motorcycle and make hard contact with the pavement. Even the sturdiest motorcycle helmet might not protect you in the event of a serious motorcycle accident.

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Types of Motorcycle Accident Head Injuries in Mercer County NJ

One of the most common head injuries stemming from a motorcycle accident is a concussion. However, motorcycle accidents can result in much more serious head injuries that cause permanent brain damage.

An injury to your head can be catastrophic because, in the simplest terms possible, your head houses your brain. A skull fracture can cause serious brain damage that is magnified because surrounding arteries and veins may be damaged. Additionally, some spinal cord injuries can limit the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body. This can result in serious health problems, including osteoporosis and quadriplegia.

Damages for Motorcycle Accident Head Injuries in Hightstown NJ

Even a minor head injury, such as a concussion, can create long-term health problems. Some concussions can result in brain damage that afflicts the motorcycle accident victim for the rest of their life. This means that head injury victims often require long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation. All of this can be extremely expensive and place a serious burden on your finances.

Head injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents can lead to long-term health problems and negatively affect your speech, vision, and hearing. A serious head injury may cause permanent damage to a person’s physical and mental capacities. For example, you might find yourself struggling to maintain your balance or use your limbs. As a result, many motorcycle accident victims who suffer head injuries have a difficult time returning to a normal life. In the worst cases, head injury victims are never able to fully recover cognitive abilities that were lost or diminished as a result of a motorcycle accident.

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