What is Reimbursed if Injured in an Accident?

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Reimbursement and Insurance Policies Attorneys in Mercer County Anyone who has been in a car accident in New Jersey has the right to make a claim through their automobile insurance company. What exactly is covered under your insurance depends largely on the type and extent of coverage that you select and pay premiums for. While you are entitled to coverage for certain losses sustained because of the accident, some losses may only be fully recovered after a lawsuit is filed or an attorney becomes involved. 

I have been involved in an auto accident, will the repair cost of my car be covered?

If you have been involved in a car accident, your car repair cost would be covered if you have collision and comprehensive coverage under your policy.  Some policies do not provide for full coverage on cars that are older or not financially worth fully insuring. Again, this depends on the policy that the insured chose.

The insurance company says that my car is not worth repairing but I still owe money on the car, can I force them to fix it?

If the insurance company determines that the value of your vehicle is not worth the repair costs, they will not fix the car but will instead provide you with the money for the value of the car.  Of course, you would be responsible for the deductible first and could also be responsible for any shortfall to the bank that extended the loan to finance the vehicle. 

Will the insurance companies conduct investigations as to who was at fault in the accident and will my claims be denied if they determine that I am partially at fault?

I have been involved in an auto accident, will the repair cost of my car be covered?Insurance companies do conduct their own investigations as it relates to the accident and who may be at fault.  They expect any person involved in the accident to cooperate in the investigation. Even if you are determined to be partially at fault, you may still be entitled to recovery for the damage as long as your percentage of fault does not exceed that of the other drivers.  Your recovery may also be limited taking into account your percentage of fault. For example, if the insurance company finds that you were 30% at fault in the accident, your claim may be reduced by 30%.   

Will my medical bills be paid for after an accident?

In a no-fault insurance state, such as New Jersey, you are responsible for the payment of your medical bills during the claim. However, if your policy allows for medical payments during the pendency of the claim, they will pay the amounts as allotted in the policy.  Often, the amount is capped at a minimal amount such as $10,000. Any amount accrued or needed beyond what is covered under the policy will be your responsibility. The only way to fully cover your present and future medical expenses may be to sue the respective party or parties that are partially or largely responsible for causing the accident.

Will the insurance company cover the financial losses I sustained due to missing work as a result of the accident? 

Without filing a suit or getting an attorney involved, the insurance company will not pay for your lost wages.  Attorneys who file claims or become involved in the case can negotiate compensation for the loss of wages both past, present, and future. 

Will the insurance companies reimburse me for emotional distress caused by the accident or for punitive damages? 

Retain a Hamilton, Trenton and Ewing NJ Accident AttorneyInsurance companies are not required to reimburse you for emotional pain and suffering, nor are they required to give you money for punitive damages.  However, after attorneys are retained, they may file suit or negotiate with the companies on your behalf, seeking compensation for pain and suffering as well as punitive damages.  The above amounts can also be awarded by filing a lawsuit and asking the jury to award such fees.   

Will my attorney’s fees be covered by the insurance companies after an accident?

Most attorneys take personal injury cases on a contingency basis.  This means that if you recover compensation for your losses, the attorney will be paid a percentage of the recovery.  For example, if the retainer agreement calls for the attorney to be paid 33% of your award, you would receive your award minus 33%. Keep in mind that the attorney represents you for free throughout the legal process and will cover investigators and other costs associated with your claim. They do not receive payment unless you win damages. 

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