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Road rash, or “road burn,” occurs when a motorcycle rider slides across the pavement after a motorcycle accident. It is common for motorcycle riders to be thrown from their bikes during an accident because motorcyclists are not secured by a seatbelt or safety restraint. When a motorcyclist is thrown from their bike, they often skid across the asphalt. This can lead to serious injuries, including severe lacerations and abrasions. A motorcyclist can also suffer road rash when they are dragged by their bikes. In fact, any kind of contact with the pavement, ground, or gravel can result in road rash injuries.

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Motorcycle Road Rash Injuries in Mercer County NJ

The worst cases of road rash can lead to surface nerve damage or even deep tissue damage. Road rash can also cause permanent scarring.

The severity of a road injury varies, depending upon the force of impact with the roadway. Road rash injuries are classified similarly to burn injuries, with first degree road rash, second degree road rash, and third degree road rash:

  • First Degree Road Rash: The motorcycle accident victim suffers from reddened skin. This kind of road rash injury typically does not require immediate medical treatment.
  • Second Degree Road Rash: The motorcycle accident victim’s skin breaks. This creates a risk of scarring. However, the injury is not considered all that serious; it can usually be treated with over-the-counter skin creams and medications.
  • Third Degree Road Rash: The motorcycle accident suffers complete breakage of the skin. This is the most serious form of road rash because the victim is at great risk of infection. In many cases, skin grafting is needed to treat third degree road rash.

Protective Gear to Prevent Road Rash Injuries in Hamilton NJ

Motorcyclists should consider wearing leather or denim clothing in order to protect against road rash. You should wear a leather jacket designed for motorcyclists; these types of jackets are often abrasion-resistant. Keep in mind that if your clothing or protective gear isn’t thick enough, the asphalt can scrape through your clothes and make direct contact with your skin.

Medical Treatment for Road Rash in Lawrence NJ

A road rash injury may require emergency medical treatment. If a road rash injury is not immediately treated by a doctor, it can lead to very serious infection.

Worse yet, the most severe road rash injuries can be extremely difficult to treat. In the worst cases, surgery might be necessary to ensure that the motorcycle accident victim does not suffer permanent damage. Skin grafts and reconstructive surgery might be needed to prevent scarring and disfigurement as a result of the most severe road rash injuries. This kind of treatment is incredibly expensive and painful.

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