DUI MVC Surcharges Trenton NJ

All DWI convictions in New Jersey result in assessment of surcharges by the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). Surcharges are basically fines that are independent of any fines imposed by the court in your case. In addition to MVC surcharges, you could be subject to other serious DWI penalties. That’s why you should not delay in contacting an attorney about your drunk driving case.

Hamilton DWI Fines and Penalties

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Motor Vehicle Commission Surcharges for DWI Convictions in Mercer County

A first-time offender is subject to MVC surcharges of $1,000 per year for three years. The same surcharges also apply for a second DWI offense. In either case, you may be allowed to request an installment payment plan and pay the surcharges at a rate of $83 per month.

A third DWI offense within three years of your last offense will result in enhanced surcharges: $1,500 per month for three years.

Surcharges for Out-of-State DWIs

The surcharges are required for any DWI offender who resides in the State of New Jersey. An out-of-state DWI conviction will not result in the MVC surcharges, but they could result in surcharges in your home state.

Surcharges for Breath Test Refusal in Pennington, NJ

MVC surcharges will also be imposed if you are convicted of Refusal to Submit to a Breath Test. However, if you are convicted of a DWI and Refusal in the same case, you will only be assessed the surcharges once.

Consequences of Not Paying Surcharges: NJ License Suspension

Failure to pay DWI surcharges will result in indefinite suspension of your driving privileges. If you ignore the suspension and continue to drive without a valid license, you will be subject to significant consequences.

In addition to suspending your license, the MVC may take action against you in State Superior Court and secure a lien against your property or receive an order to garnish your wages. Even if you move out of state, you will still be required to pay the surcharges. Failure to do so will result in suspension of your NJ driver’s license, which could make it difficult for you to register for a license in another state.

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