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According to state laws in New Jersey, property owners and employees have a legal obligation to take certain safety precautions in an effort to prevent accidents and associated injuries on their premises. Whether you are in a work setting such as a construction site, a landlord-tenant residential setting, or a commercial setting such as a shopping mall, it is the duty of those who own or operate the premises to take the appropriate measures to protect you from potential hazards. If these individuals fail to fulfill their mandated legal responsibilities, and you or someone you love is injured as a result, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim in order to obtain compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial consequences associated with your injuries.

The personal injury lawyers at Cohen & Riechelson will accumulate and organize all of the available evidence to support your claim, including a medical assessment of your injuries and necessary treatment, an analysis of the circumstances that preceded the event, and photographs documenting the site of the incident. Compiling and constructing a compelling argument on your behalf is our priority as we work toward obtaining just compensation for you or your loved one. To discuss your injury case with a member of our legal team at no cost, contact our Hamilton and Pennington, New Jersey offices at (609) 528-2596.

Electrical Accident Injury Lawsuits in New Jersey

Premises liability is the broader legal category within which electrical accidents are subsumed. This essentially means that in a host of circumstances such as those involving construction sites, shopping malls, and landlord operated buildings, the owner or employer must ensure a reasonable level of safety by preventing improper wiring, defective insulation, and other potential hazards. When a third party fails to take the appropriate measures to prevent an electrical accident and someone is injured, that third party may be deemed negligent, and therefore, held liable for damages. This legal terminology translates to the following: if a person’s actions or failure to perform certain actions led to an injury on his or her property, that individual may be responsible for compensating the injured party in the form of financial payment for medical expenses, loss of income, and other collateral consequences such as pain and suffering.

With regard to electrical accidents, these incidents can be caused by a myriad of circumstances, some of which include:

  • Improper wiring
  • Failure to maintain electrical equipment
  • Defective insulation
  • Loose electrical connections
  • Unsafe conditions such as working too close to power lines or in close proximity to combustible or flammable substances
  • Defective electrical appliances

Resolving Your Electrocution Case in New Jersey

Notably, many electrical accidents occur on construction sites, causing injuries, loss of income, and other catastrophic repercussions for injured workers. These claims often fall within the purview of workers’ compensation. Also, electrocution accidents can often result from the use of defective electrical appliances or tools. In these cases, the designer, manufacturer, or distributor of such items may be held responsible for the victim’s injuries. If this is the case, the claim will likely be categorized as a product liability case within the realm of personal injury law. Regardless of the nature of the specific claim, an experienced attorney who represents clients in personal injury and workers’ compensation lawsuits can provide the support and advocacy that you need to successfully resolve your case.

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