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Since motorcycle riders are extremely exposed to the elements, they often suffer fractures or broken bones in a motorcycle accident. When a rider is tossed from their motorcycle in an accident, they can collide with the other vehicle or with the road. A violent collision can leave the motorcycle rider with broken bones. Even a minor motorcycle accident can result in serious injuries, including fractures.

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Types of Motorcycle Accident Fractures in Mercer County NJ

Leg fractures are common in motorcycle accidents because the rider’s legs often hit the ground first in an accident. Among the most frequent leg injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident are fractures of the ankle, tibia, fibula, and femur. An ankle fracture is also common in motorcycle accidents because the ankle is not protected by muscle or tissue.

The most serious fractures occur elsewhere on the body:

  • Hip: One of the most serious motorcycle accident injuries is a hip fracture.
  • Back: A fracture of any part of your vertebral column can cause severe damage to your spinal cord.
  • Face and Head: When a motorcyclist does not wear a helmet, there is an increased likelihood of a facial fracture in the event of a motorcycle crash. Facial fractures can result in traumatic brain injuries.

Damages for Motorcycle Accident Fractures in Hamilton NJ

Broken bones can also become problematic later in life. It is not uncommon for motorcycle accident victims to develop arthritis and bursitis. In the worst cases, a broken bone can cause severe nerve damage. Moreover, if your fracture does not heal properly, you could be left with a lifelong disability.

Whether you have suffered a hairline fracture or a compound fracture, it is imperative that you get the injury treated immediately. If a fracture is improperly untreated, the chances of potentially deadly infection are high. Beyond that, a fracture will probably require expensive surgery and medical treatment. Pins, screws, wires, and plates may need to be inserted to ensure that the broken bone heals properly.

Your quality of life can also suffer as a result of broken bones and fractures. You may find yourself bedridden for weeks or even months while you recover from a fracture. A lengthy re recovery time can be problematic if you need to work in order to support your family; taking time off from work to recovery might not be a realistic option for you.

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