Sexual Abuse in New Jersey Nursing Homes

New Jersey Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Sexual abuse is not just a problem for young children; nursing home residents are also at risk of sexual abuse. Elderly residents can be easy targets for sexual abusers because they tend to be in weak physical conditions and after often dependent upon others. That why you counted on nursing home administrators and staff to watch out for your elderly loved one. When nursing home staff members violate their special position of trust with respect to patients, they need to be held accountable. Filing a lawsuit against the nursing home is the best way to ensure that this sort of thing never happens to anyone else under their care.

Cohen & Riechelson has a long history of protecting the elderly against abuse and neglect. Our attorneys have represented clients in nursing home sexual abuse cases throughout Mercer County, including Hightstown, Ewing, and West Windsor. We are prepared to do a thorough review of the facility itself and interview witnesses.

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse in New Jersey

Sexual abuse in nursing homes can occur in a number of contexts:

  • Abuse by Staff: If your loved one was sexually abused by a staff member, the nursing home may be held legally responsible because they should have done a better job of screening and monitoring employees.
  • Abuse by Resident: If your loved one was abused by another resident, the nursing home is still liable for failing to keep a watchful eye on your loved one.
  • Abuse by Visitor: Nursing homes also need to make sure that visitors are supervised. If your loved one was sexually abused by a visitor, the nursing home might be legally responsible.

Look for Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Mercer County NJ

You should always report signs of abuse, such as unexplained bruises or emotional withdrawal. It is important for you to be on the lookout for evidence of abuse because your elderly loved one might be reluctant to inform anyone about their abuse. For example, they may be embarrassed. Or perhaps they are afraid that the abuser will punish them for reporting the incident. Additionally, some elderly patients have difficulty recalling their abuse because they suffer from dementia.

Free Consultation with a Hamilton NJ Sexual Abuse Lawyer

The lawyers at Cohen & Riechelson are passionate about fighting for the rights of elderly victims of nursing home abuse in New Jersey. If your loved one has been sexually abused while under the care of a nursing home, call us today to discuss your legal options. You can also email us to schedule a meeting at our offices in Hamilton or Pennington.

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