Sexual Abuse in New Jersey Churches

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Childhood sexual abuse is always tragic. However, the effects of childhood sexual abuse can be magnified when it is perpetrated by authority figures in institutions of trust like churches and schools. Children are often at the mercy of priests and other adult authority figures within the church. That’s what makes the religious abuse of trust so damaging on both a physical and psychological level for the victims.

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Church Responsibility for Clergy Abuse in New Jersey

Churches should never be in the dark about the background and histories of their ministry workers. That’s why churches need to take precautions and run background checks when hiring clergy, church staff members, and volunteers.

Churches also need to have adequate supervision policies in place. Churches have a legal responsibility to monitor their employees – including priests – so that parishioners are never in any danger. If the church did not have safeguards in place to protect children against abuse by clergy members, it might be possible to file a civil suit against the church.

Change Church Policy in Mercer County NJ

Churches must be prepared to respond to allegations of sexual abuse by priests or other employees. If it can be shown that the church hid or concealed the abuse after the fact, they could be both criminally and civilly liable. It is important for victims to come forward because this sort of institutional behavior contributes to a culture of silence that enables sexual abusers.

Churches have ignored sexual abuse by the clergy for far too long. Filing a lawsuit will give you a chance to tell your story. A lawsuit will also help to alert the public to institutional failures. This will make it more likely that the church takes appropriate steps to prevent abuse in the future.

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