Sexual Abuse in New Jersey Schools

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Certain institutions, such as schools and churches, need to have safeguards in place to protect individuals against sexual abuse. When someone is in a position of trust, they have a legal responsibility not to abuse their power or neglect the people under their care. You trusted your child’s teachers and school administrators to watch out for them and keep them safe. One of the most devastating feelings in the world for a child is to be let down by the people they counted on for protection. This sort of thing should never happen to anyone, let alone a child.

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Hold Schools Accountable for Neglect and Sexual Abuse in New Jersey

Teachers and school employees have a legal duty to watch out for students and ensure that the children in their care are not harmed in any way. For example, schools need to perform background checks on all employees so that individuals with criminal records or histories of violence are not hired to work around children. If the school knew or should have known about previous incidents involving the abuser, the school might be legally responsible for the abuse.

It is important that schools are held accountable for their negligence in sexual abuse cases. Although money damages won’t undo the harm to your child, they can go a long way toward incentivizing the school to guard against this sort of conduct. As a result, many other children might be protected against sexual abuse in the future.

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