Length of a Mercer County Personal Injury Case

Every case is an individual case, clients could be treating for a day, a month, a year or since most cases have to be filed within two years there´s a lot of clients that are still treating when the case goes into a suit. What I explain to clients all the time is I wait until they are done treating before I order their medical records and then I try to negotiate the case. I don´t speed up the process in order to get a settlement because I want them to get the treatment they need. If I feel like they still need treatment and we are getting close to the two-year statute limitations, I´ll file a suit. I explain to them that once a case goes into suit there´s no way that we can control how long a lawsuit is going to take.  They generally take anywhere from settling right after the suit is filed to about two years and that´s because that’s how long the court process takes. If I can file a case early, because the client is done treating and we couldn’t negotiate the settlement, I’ll file it right away. I won´t wait for the two-year statute limitations. There´s no benefit to us in delaying a case and dragging it out any longer than it has to, but you surely don’t want to jump the gun and settle a case before is ripped and before you have all the damages assessed.

Statute of Limitations on Trenton Accident Claim

Many clients come to the office after falling victim to a slip and fallconstruction accidentwork related accidentbeen bitten by a dog, or any other catastrophic event. One of the first questions we often get asked is how long a case will take to travel from filing a claim to closing out the suit. The answer is not nearly as black and white as one might think. Every case is different and we use our expertise to do a detail analysis of your case to assemble to most effective strategy possible. The Attorneys at Cohen & Riechelson have years of experience handling injury and accident claims and have been helping guide clients from the start to the finish of injury cases in towns such as Trenton, Princeton, Lawrence, Hamilton and across Mercer County, New Jersey. Call today or contact us online for a free and confidential consultation to review your case with one of our Injury Lawyers today.