The immediate aftermath of an injurious accident can be a tumultuous time. Injuries can be painful, cause victims to lose work, and can also lead to serious medical bills and other unplanned expenses. Nobody wants to be hurt, and very few of us are prepared for such an event. A misstep can negatively impact your potential personal injury claim, but a handful of simple steps can lay a solid foundation. The attorneys of Cohen & Riechelson discuss some positive first steps that can be taken in order to take care of your current needs and future prospects after being injured in an accident.


First Steps After Being Injured in an Accident

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Princeton, NJ Personal Injury Attorneys Recommend Seeking Medical Attention

First Steps After Being Injured in an AccidentSeeing a medical doctor as soon as possible is a great way to begin the process. Many injuries such as electrocutionsbrain injuries, and spinal cord injuries are either not immediately apparent or can worsen over time. Receiving a diagnosis and treatment from medical professionals is the only way to be sure your physical health is being looked after.

Additionally, diagnoses from doctors are essential in your potential personal injury claim. Insurance companies may refute the full extent of your injuries. By receiving an official diagnosis signed off by your doctor, we will be able to show that your injuries are both genuine and sufficiently severe to be awarded financial compensation.

Often times victims will put off medical treatments due to financial or personal reasons. While we certainly sympathize with this apprehension, the sooner you are able to see your doctor the better. Legally speaking, a diagnosis is only good if we are able to prove that it was a direct result of your accident. The longer away from the diagnosis from the accident, the weaker the connection and the harder the insurance companies will fight your claim.

Avoid Signing Anything After an Injury in Mercer County

Speaking of insurance companies, their primary interest in the wake of an accident is to resolve your claim quickly, cheaply, and with the minimum exposure to future actions. Many times that will include a low-ball, lump-sum settlement offer which is offered to you individually. This initial offer is meant to get desperate individuals who are feeling the financial crunch of medical bills and other expenses into signing an unfair and lackluster settlement agreement.

Do not sign anything until you have had the opportunity to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Not only will these low ball offers lose you and your family potential money, but the fine print of the agreements will often strip you of your legal right to pursue further legal action against the insurance provider.

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Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers Help Clients File Claims

The next step is to work with our Hamilton personal injury lawyers to file a personal injury claim. In New Jersey, personal injury statutes of limitations are generally two (2) years after the incident. Exceptions are violations of written contracts that can range up to twenty (20) years, or injuries occurring on government property, which must be filed within six (6) months of the accident.

So long as we are within this time frame, our lawyers will work to review your goals, collect evidence, contact expert witnesses, and carry out the actual nuts and bolts of the legal process. Our legal team will assist our clients to collect all necessary bills, expenses, lost wages, and other financial documentation which will be used to demonstrate the damages sustained to the victim(s).

After this point, we will seek full and fair compensation through a settlement or verdict on your behalf. Our personal injury teamwork on a contingency basis, which means you will not owe us a dime until we win compensation for your injuries.

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