Cohen & Riechelson has a long history of fighting for innocent victims bitten by dogs. We have through both insurance compensations and litigation been able to successfully recover damages on behalf of innocent victims.

Insurance Coverage and Liability in Trenton Dog Bite Cases

It can take much more than just negotiating with the owner of a dog from which you have been attacked to recoup financial damages. By employing the expertise of the personal injury attorneys at Cohen & Riechelson, you can rest assured that your case will be handled professionally and diligently; as if we were representing our own family member. Expenses can add up and it is important to protect your rights and make sure that you are reimbursed for expenses from hospital bills, pain and suffering, and time off work.

A lot of people don´t know this, but as long as somebody has home-owners insurance or rentals insurance that owns a dog, their insurance company will represent them and would be responsible so you don´t have to worry as much that the person may not be able to compensate you because they may be insurance subject coverage.

Injuries caused by dog bites can be compensated if resulting from gross negligence and strict liability. In addition, owners of dogs are held responsible under the law regardless of whether or not their dogs have a past record of attacks or violence.

Attacked by a Dog? Mercer County Injury Lawyers Help You Determine Next Steps

Our lawyers have obtained vast knowledge over the years of the emotional, financial and physical pains endured by victims of dog bites.  We know the financial burden on you as well as the entire family can be tremendous as the medical fees keep piling up. Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers work in conjunction with a network of medical experts, support staff and investigators to assist victims of dog bites with the aim of fully compensating them for their losses.

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Using a dog bite lawyer is an important step towards achieving successful claims for your damages and injuries. We will help you with your medical records, examine the dog’s medical history, investigate the dog’s ownership, and thoroughly analyze the facts surrounding the assault. Our NJ dog bite lawyers fight hard to recoup damages for pain and suffering endured by dog bit victims.

Simply contact us via our online intake form or give us a call today to learn more about your rights and legal options. It is important to know you do not need to fight this alone. We will focus on your case and you can focus on healing. (609) 528-2596.