Punxsutawney Phil’s recent prediction of six (6) more weeks of winter might not do much to sway the opinions of the non-superstitious. However, New Jersey residents will be dismayed that actual human weather experts have predicted much of the same, with temperatures expected to stay relatively low and provide plenty of snow and ice throughout the month of February. The U.S. Climate Prediction Center has stated that New Jersey has about 50/50 odds of having an abnormally snowy February.

With this in mind, today our Mercer County personal injury attorneys will be discussing how exactly winter weather impacts driving conditions and some useful tips to avoid car accidentstruck accidents, and all manner of motor vehicle accidents when traveling over snowy and icy roads.

How Snow and Ice Affects Drivers in Mercer County, NJ

For those of us who are native to colder regions, it almost goes without saying that during long and cold winters, driving is a completely different animal. But how exactly do cold air and slick conditions impact the performance of our cars in winter? Here are a few major ways that snow and ice change the driving experience.

  • Traction is Reduced – the most obvious impact on Mercer County drivers is slick surfaces reducing the grip of tires on road surfaces. Especially when sleet and snow turns to ice, the traction of our vehicles on roadways is dramatically reduced. This can have a major impact on acceleration, deceleration and turning
  • Tire Pressure Changes – for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit the temperature is raised or lowered, the air pressure in tires changes one (1) or two (2) pounds per square inch or PSI. This can lead to dangerous misalignments and vehicles and potentially serious crashes
  • Car Batteries Die – Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your car or truck’s engine, and that is apparent nowhere more than with your battery. While very hot temperatures actually do more long term damage, batteries have a harder time starting your engines in freezing temperatures

Princeton Winter Weather Hazard Attorneys Discuss Driving in Snowy Conditions

Before delving into some useful tips about driving in the ice and snow, our Princeton winter weather hazard attorneys caution all local residents to dress warmly when traveling this winter. Even if you are planning on making a quick trip to the store and your car is warm from the garage, you never know when you might get stranded in the cold and need to wait for help. It is recommended to always dress appropriately for staying outside even if it is likely you will not be exposed for long. With that in mind, these are a few simple ways to stay safe while on New Jersey roadways this winter:

  • Take everything slowly. Acceleration, deceleration, turning, changing lanes, and everything else you normally do while operating your car should be done a little more slowly. This is primarily due to slippery conditions and also due to lowered tire pressure, reducing your control over the vehicle
  • Give plenty of space to other drivers. It can take significantly longer to slow down and stop in snow and ice, particularly if you are heeding our first piece of advice
  • Take the time to clear off your vehicle. Defrosting your windshield on the way to work is something many of us have done, but it is never safe. Take the time to remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before use, especially all windows
  • Don’t drive if it is unsafe. Unless you are on the way to deliver a baby or accepting the Pulitzer Prize, you can probably get a rain check if the road conditions are too dangerous

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