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Do You Have an Amazing Backyard Jungle Gym? Is it Safe?

For many of us, childhood memories of backyard games and activities with our friends and family put a smile on our faces. Having fun was the most important aspect of these backyard play sessions with safety coming in a distant second or third. However, times have changed. When it comes to choosing backyard play equipment, the fun factor is still important, but safety must be paramount. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 200,000 American children end up in emergency rooms due to playground injuries every year.

Is perfectly understandable that playground accidents may occur despite safety conditions. Growing hurts, as we have all heard before, and is part of our learning process. However, if those injuries are due to inadequate conditions, equipment malfunctioning or any other type of negligent behavior, it´s recommendable to take actions against the ones responsible, not only thinking of your own child but the people´s around you as well. At Cohen & Riechelson we´ll fight for your rights. Contact us via our online intake form or give us a call today (609) 528-2596 to learn more about your rights and legal options.

Safety Steps You Should not Ignore

Follow These Simple Tips To Keep Your Backyard as Safe Space for Your Children and their Friends:

  • Installing a shock-absorbing surface will help minimize injury when kids trip or fall. It is recommended that for play structures up to seven feet high, to use at least nine inches of wood chips, mulch or shredded rubber. For play structures up to five feet high, the use of sand or pea gravel at least nine inches deep is advised.

It is important to remember that the shock-absorbing surface should extend at least six feet out from the play equipment in all directions and even further for swings.

  • Checking the equipment for protruding hardware, such open “Shooks” or the ends of bolts, and looking for sharp points or edges on the equipment can help prevent lacerations from such protrusions, as well as prevent clothing from getting caught and resulting in other injuries.
  • Making sure platforms and ramps have guardrails can prevent falls. Furthermore, it is critical to be sure that the rails are not too slippery for a child to hold onto.
  • Eliminating spaces where small children could get caught or trapped is also very important. Be sure that the openings between guardrails and platforms as well as ladder rungs measure less than four inches or more than nine inches.
  • Finally, be sure that the play structure is securely bolted and anchored in the ground. In addition, removing any protruding concrete footings will reduce the hazard of tripping as well as sharp edges that can cause damage if fallen on. Furthermore, it is prudent to remove any tree stumps or large rocks within the play area.

Common Locations of Playground Injuries in NJ and PA

Playground injuries often occur at public schools, private schools, daycares, city parks, as well as private homes. Honestly, most of these injuries are often caused by unsafe behavior by children. However, if the injury was caused by unsafe equipment or negligent supervision you may be entitled to financial compensation that can help with medical bills and your child’s recovery.

Premises Liability and Playground Injuries

Under New Jersey law, schools and other operators of playgrounds have a responsibility to protect children from foreseeable dangers on the premises. If your child was injured due to the negligence of the operator of a playground you may be able to recover damages based on a premises liability. However, you will need to show that:

  • The defendant was in fact in charge of the property
  • The child had a right to be on the property
  • The proper amount of care was not exercised by the defendant
  • The child’s injury occurred in a foreseeable way
  • Carelessness on the part of the defendant was a major cause of the child’s injury

With these facts proven, the elements of a premises liability case would be met, and the school or owner/operator of the playground could be deemed negligent. A financial recovery could go a long way toward paying medical bills that may mount after your child is injured.

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