In the aftermath of Anton Yelchin’s death, the deceased actor’s parents have decided to file a wrongful death claim against the manufacturer of the motor vehicle that crushed him.

Yelchin, an actor perhaps best known for starring in the recent “Star Trek” movies, was tragically killed earlier this year in a single-vehicle car accident in the driveway of his Los Angeles home. While Yelchin attempted to fix an issue with his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the car unexpectedly rolled backwards and pinned him against a brick security gate just outside the residence.

Although the results of the investigation into Yelchin’s death were not made public, it is believed that the young actor may have died due to a product defect in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In fact, prior to Yelchin’s fatal accident, the federal government actually warned consumers about a fault gear shifter in some Fiat Chrysler vehicles. According to safety officials, the defective gear shifter can lead drivers to erroneously believe that their car is in “park.” When the mistaken driver gets out of the vehicle, it can suddenly begin to roll away. That may have been what happened to Yelchin just before he was killed.

The named defendants in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Yelchin’s parents include Fiat Chrysler, ZF North America, and AutoNation. Fiat Chrysler manufactures the Jeep Grand Cherokee, while AutoNation is the automotive retailer from which Yelchin purchased the vehicle that killed him. The plaintiffs are reportedly seeking significant damages for the loss of their son.

Yelchin’s parents are not the only ones suing Fiat Chrysler for the allegedly defective vehicles. Not long after Yelchin died, several other consumers filed a class action lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler. The plaintiffs in the class action suit allege that Fiat Chrysler intentionally concealed information about the defective gear shifter for multiple years.

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