Three injured on the NJ Turnpike as a tractor-trailer overturns in Woodbridge NJ

Tractor Trailer Accident on NJ Turnpike AttorneysIt has been reported that least three people were injured when a tractor-trailer carrying garbage overturned on the New Jersey Turnpike on Wednesday morning. The crash occurred on the Turnpike, in Woodbridge, New Jersey, north of Interchange 10 around 6 a.m.

The tractor-trailer collided with a passenger car and the truck overturned, landed onto its side, facing the wrong direction on the roadway.  The content of the truck spilled debris over the road.  Southbound traffic on the Turnpike had been diverted around the vehicles and road debris.

Two Needed Medical attention at Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center following the Truck Accident

Two people in the passenger car were taken to Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center. Their condition is not known and earlier reports do not disclose the occupants’ injuries.  It was reported that the driver of the truck had been treated at the accident scene.

Auto Accident Statistics in NJ

The New Jersey Department of Transportation released the number of car accidents that occurred in New Jersey from 2001 through 2018.  In 2018, there were 278,413 crashes, which means that there 762 car accidents per day.  While not the highest reported crashes since 2001, the number of accidents that occurred in 2018 was the highest number of motor vehicle accidents since 2004.

There were 17,082 crashes that occurred on the Interstate system in New Jersey in 2018 as reported by the New Department of Transportation.  Reportedly, the New Jersey Counties with the highest number of motor vehicle crashes in 2018 were Essex (30,078), Bergen (29,459), and Middlesex (28,965).

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