True Value vs Quick Settlement of an Injury Claim

I think the answer to the question of whether we would rather settle a case than get true value is the fact that we don´t. We look at a client’s claim and we try to get the value that we believe it deserves and that means we trail a case we go to trial. If that means that we get a settlement offer or reject a settlement offer, with the client´s permission obviously we do that. But the main thing we do is we communicate with the client we give the client our opinion as to what we believe the value is and that´s different than a settlement, then that´s different and we follow a client’s process. You see, these cases are generally held about a contingency basis it doesn´t benefit us to try to settle a case quickly, it benefits the client and ultimately us if we wait until the case is fully developed so we can get the highest value, which again benefits a client and because its contingency we get a percentage benefits us as well.

Trenton Attorneys Advise on When to File Your Injury Claim

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, construction accident, work related accident, been bitten by a dog, or any other catastrophic event it is important to know what is covered under insurance and to understand your rights under the laws of New Jersey.

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