A teenager from Trenton NJ responsible for multiple motor vehicle accidents is in big trouble after allegedly fleeing the scenes of the crashes. He could now face criminal charges and be subject to personal injury lawsuits for causing significant property damage.

According to authorities, the accidents occurred within minutes of each other. The suspect was behind the wheel of an SUV and driving on Route 29 in Trenton when he passed the Calhoun Street intersection and reportedly struck a work van. The suspect then reportedly continued driving south on the roadway.

Just a few minutes after the first car accident, the teen driver was reportedly involved in a second car crash. The driver reportedly lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a pole at River View Plaza, which is located just off Route 29 in Trenton, New Jersey. The impact from the collision knocked over the utility pole and caused serious property damage.

The teen suspect reportedly got out of the SUV he had been driving and attempted to flee the scene on foot. The suspect was seen fleeing the area and running onto Cass Street. He was later identified when police officers spoke with the owner of the SUV, who may or may not have been related to the suspect.

The suspect, a 17-year-old male from Trenton, New Jersey, was later located and cited for several traffic violations, including two counts of leaving the scene of an accident, two counts of failing to report a car accident, and two counts of careless driving. The teenage driver was also cited for driving without a valid license because he could not provide law enforcement with a current driver’s license.

Depending on the findings of investigators, it is possible that the teen driver who allegedly caused the car accidents could be liable for damages in personal injury lawsuits. It is also possible that the driver’s parents or guardians could be held responsible for the damages since they reportedly allowed him to drive their vehicle without a valid driver’s license.

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