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Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated insurance program that provides benefits to employees who suffer job-related injuries and illnesses. Each state has its own laws and programs for workers’ compensation. The federal government also has a separate workers’ comp program, mostly for federal employees. Workers‘ compensation law is a system of rules in every state designed to pay the expenses of employees who are harmed while performing job-related duties. Employees can recover lost wages, medical expenses, disability payments, and costs associated with rehabilitation and retraining.

Workers´ Compensation Benefits in NJ

Worker´s compensation in New Jersey is a set of laws that help an injured employee receive compensations for his injuries by way of temporary disability benefits, medical treatment, and if necessary an appropriate permanent disability payments.

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Cohen & Riechelson is prepared to help our clients through the process of filing for and receiving, workers’ compensation in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Employers are required by law to financially assist employees who are injured while on the job, regardless of who is at fault for the injury. While employers are legally required to compensate you, it is not always in their best interest to do so or to do it quickly and efficiently. Our workers’ compensation attorneys help you ensure your rights as an employee are recognized and protected, and that you receive full compensation for your medical expenses and inability to work in a timely manner.

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