One of the things that we do is we meet with the client individually. We gather what we believe is necessary so that the client can be represented properly by us. We have a lot of standards that we want to uphold to. We have questions that we need the answers to, but we also make ourselves available to answer any questions that the client has. We explain the process to the client so they have a better understanding of what is involved with an allegation, what’s expected of them, and for them to understand that from that day forward we are a team; we are working together for a common goal, and that’s for the client’s interest.

What to Expect When Meeting with a Trenton Personal Injury Attorney

You may feel nervous meeting with your personal injury lawyer for the first time. Many people don’t know what to expect and are unsure how to prepare for their initial consultation. The purpose of a free initial consultation is to give you the opportunity to meet with and determine whether or not you are comfortable with the attorney handling your injury or accident claim. In addition, the initial consultation gives the attorney a chance to assess your case and determine your options, the percentage chance of gaining a recovery, and estimate the amount the recovery might be. Consultations typically last between 30 minutes and an hour. Prepare to answer questions about the accident, your injury, medical treatments, and other facts regarding your case. It is often difficult to remember all of the facts on the spot, so it is encouraged that an injured victim take as many notes and write down as many facts as they have access to prior to the meeting.

Key Points to Establish and Outline with your Mercer County Accident Lawyer

At the first meeting, you should expect to have an open and honest discussion with your attorney. An important portion of the introductory meeting will focused on these key areas that will help outline the process moving forward:

  • The Personal Injury Attorney and their team will need to clearly understand every aspect of your case in order to make the most effective recommendations throughout the process.
  • Your attorney should explain and walk you through the legal process, step-by-step, to provide you with an understanding of exactly what may be happening as the case moves forward: Filing legal briefs, requests for replies and going through documents can take time. You should be aware of every way the attorney and the law firm are working for you.
  • You should be informed of the integral role you play in your own case. Some of the key things you will be responsible for during your case include: meeting with the doctor regularly, avoid missing appointments and being truthful and transparent with your legal team through every step of the process.
  • You and your attorney should establish a clear and defined communication process. You should expect your attorney to initiate regular conversations about your health and injury improvements or any legal developments in your case.

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