There was yet another vicious dog attack in Nutley New Jersey, marking the second dog bite injury sustained by a Nutley resident in the past month.

Local law enforcement investigated the most recent incident when a police officer on patrol near the intersection of Centre Street and Ravine Avenue in Nutley NJ heard a female screaming about having been bitten by a dog. The Nutley police officer went to the source of the scream and encountered a brown pit bull attacking the female victim. The victim was walking her own dog, a much smaller animal, when the pit bull reportedly attacked the woman and her dog.

The police officer intervened and took the pit bull to the pavement. However, the Nutley cop was initially unable to get the dog to release its bite. The pit bull was reportedly attacking the smaller dog and trying to bite the animal’s throat.

Thankfully, the police officer was eventually able to force the pit bull off the small dog and subdue the dangerous animal.

After the violent incident, the injured dog was taken to a local animal hospital, where vets treated it for puncture wounds to the neck and a laceration to the ear.

Meanwhile, the female victim was rushed to a nearby medical facility, where doctors provided her with medical treatment for bite wounds to the hands and legs.

The Nutley Police Department is actively investigating the dangerous dog attack. Investigators already determined that a woman from Midland Park NJ owns the pit bull. Police spoke with the owner, who told them that the dog has a history of biting people. In fact, said the woman, she gave the pit bull to a family in Nutley NJ to see if they could keep the animal under control.

Nutley NJ police tracked down the woman who was supposed to be in possession of the dog at the time of the recent attack and issued her multiple summonses: one for having an unlicensed dog and another for having a vicious animal.

Speaking after the attack, Thomas Strumolo, the chief of police for the Nutley Police Department, said that the damage to the female victim and her dog could have been much worse – catastrophic, even – if a Nutley police officer did not happen to be walking by at the time of the dog bite incident.

Alphonse Petracco, the mayor of Nutley NJ, also weighed in on the latest dog biting incident. Petracco said that local dog owners must exercise caution with their animals and take responsibility for the actions of their dogs.

This was actually the second violent dog attack to occur in Nutley within a 30-day period. An infant child was attacked in another dog bite incident when a pit bull emerged from a home on Satterthwaite Avenue. As a result of the dog attack, the victim required 70 stitches and had to undergo several plastic surgeries.

Depending on the circumstances of the recent dog attacks in Nutley New Jersey, it’s possible that the victims and their families could be in a position to file personal injury claims against the dog owners or their insurance providers. Dog bite victims often seek compensation to cover their medical expenses, as well as any pain and suffering caused by the dog attack.

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