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Mercer County NJ Personal Injury AttorneysFollowing up on our article last week, wherein we discussed 8 tips for dealing with an accident and protecting your ability to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim, today we will discuss what kind of information you can easily gather which will help your Mercer County personal injury attorney secure you the compensation you need and deserve.


Documenting Your Injuries Following an Accident in Mercer County

The first thing you can do to help your Mercer County accident attorney is to document the extent of any injuries you have suffered following a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, a slip and fall, an injury resulting from a defective product, or any other kind of accident.

Personal injury claims often take months to resolve, so physical evidence of any injuries you have suffered can often heal, and fade. By taking photos of your injuries after an accident, you can provide immediate proof and evidence of the full extent of your injuries. You can also document how long it took you to heal by taking pictures over the course of any medical treatment you require, and as time passes.

Documenting the Scene of your Accident, Trenton Accident and Injury Attorneys

Another extremely helpful step you can take to help your Hamilton accident and injury attorney secure you financial compensation is to take pictures of the scene of your accident. Many times these pictures can highlight important evidence of negligence on behalf of another party. Especially in the case of a car accident, pictures of the damage your car suffered can underscore the severity of your own injuries, and paint a clearer picture of the trauma you suffered.

Beyond taking your own pictures, it may also be possible that other bystanders have photo or video evidence of your accident. You may be able to obtain the contact information of witnesses to your accident, who may not only have photo and video evidence, but may also be able to provide relevant and effective witness testimony as well.

Gather Police Reports of your Hamilton Accident or Injury

Many accidents will require a police presence, for example any motor vehicle accident or an accident necessitating emergency services. The police will keep records regarding the accident, the involvement of the various parties, and many other details which your Hamilton accident and injury lawyer will find extremely helpful. You can freely request any of these records related to your case, and it is highly recommended that you do so, and hand them to your attorney.

Record your Daily Life After a Princeton NJ Accident or Injury

Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, keep a journal documenting your daily life after your accident. Include things like how you are feeling, how your injuries are healing, what things you may have wished to do but couldn’t due to your injuries, and anything else regarding your overall state of mind and well being.

This record can be of enormous benefit to demonstrating exactly how your injuries affected your day to day life, and help you secure a more favorable pain and suffering settlement, usually by far the largest portion of recoveries secured during any personal injury case.

Don’t Speak with the Insurance Company!

We mentioned this last week, but its importance bears reiterating. Anything you say to the insurance company regarding your injuries will almost always invariably be used against you during your Mercer County personal injury claim. However, by retaining the services of an experienced attorney, the insurance company is prevented from contacting you directly, and your attorney will have a much better understanding of exactly what to say to the insurance company, when they are required to say it, and how to say it in a manner which protects the strength and validity of your claim.

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