Bounce houses are built for fun, but they can turn into tragedy in a number of different ways for accident victims in New Jersey.

How Dangerous are Bounce House Accidents in NJ?

Gatherings of family and friends are meant to be joyous occasions. When children get together, joy abounds. There are many well-known accessories that don children’s birthday parties, school gatherings, and summer play dates, one of the most famous being the bounce house. Bounce houses provide hours of fun for their participants. This happiness can be cut short when perilous conditions put their well-being in harm’s way. Such accidents causing harm to children have been in the news recently, particularly in the case of bounce houses. If your child has been injured or killed in a bounce house accident in New Jersey, contact our team at Cohen & Riechelson immediately to learn how you can recover damages for their injury and we can assist you in the process of claiming just compensation. Contact (609) 528-2596 to speak with a personal injury attorney regarding your case in a free consultation.

Typical Mishaps Involving Bounce Houses in New Jersey

Bounce house accidents can be caused by a number of factors. First, children can land incorrectly after a bounce. When sharing the space with others, children can bounce into one another, causing various injuries for both parties. If the bounce house has not been installed or maintained correctly, the house can quickly lose air pressure, become unanchored, or otherwise lose stability. And, manufacturing errors can also cause various malfunctions, causing a collapse that removes safety cushioning for the children.

Most Frequent Injuries from Bounce House Incidents

The most common accidents that occur in bounce house injuries are to the child’s spine and neck, as falls and collisions can cause minor whiplash. Bruises, twisted and dislocated joints such as ankles and shoulders, and concussions are also common. In more serious accidents resulting from malfunctioning equipment that results in sudden collapse or movement of the bounce house from its stability, injuries such as cuts and bruises, broken and fractured bones, traumatic head and brain injuries, and even death can occur.

Safety Recommendations to Prevent Bounce House Accidents

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommends that in order to stay safe in a bounce house, a child and their parents and guardians take specific safety measures. First, adults must check with the company installing the bounce house to ensure that all safety measures have been taken and the bounce house is in good condition. They must seek any safety maintenance instructions from the installing company. Next, adults must actively oversee bounce house activity and provide safety feedback for children. When possible, it is best for one child to be in the bounce house at a time. In the case that more than one child is in the bounce house, they should be around the same age and size. Children should remove shoes, jewelry, sharp objects, and loose clothing that could get caught and cause suffocation.

Who Could be at Fault for Injuries from a Bounce House in NJ?

Injury Lawyers Identifying Fault for Bounce House Injuries in Trenton, New Jersey

When accidents happen, there are a number of parties that can be held responsible. The adults responsible for hosting the gathering with a bounce house could be held responsible if their negligence allows a bounce house injury. An injury due to responsible adult and property owner negligence would result in a premises liability case. The company responsible for installing and maintaining the bounce house during its use can be held responsible if improper installation, operation, or maintenance leads to faulty equipment or child injury. Such a case would lead to a personal injury claim against the responsible company. And, the manufacturer itself can be held responsible for a child’s injury if the product fails to function properly at no fault of the installation company or the adult responsible for the gathering. In such a case, the family of the injured child could file a product liability case against the manufacturer.

Talk to Our Trenton Personal Injury Lawyers After Suffering a Bounce House Accident

Bounce houses appear to be all fun and games, but they can cause serious injury. Because of the variety of potential responsible parties for such injuries, leading to different types of injury lawsuits, it is important to have the skilled legal counsel of a New Jersey injury attorney if your child is hurt or killed in a bounce house accident. Your focus at this time must be on helping your child recover and tending to the needs of your family. Our team at Cohen & Riechelson is dedicated to ensuring that our clients in towns like Lawrence, Hamilton, Pennington, Ewing, Princeton, and Trenton, receive the full legal support and facilitation they need to recover financial damages for medical expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, and emotional pain and suffering incurred as a result of their injuries. Contact us today at (609) 528-2596 to discuss your bound house accident injuries and filing a potential claim against those responsible. Our firm is committed to helping you on the road to physical, emotional, and financial recovery for your family.