The National Center on Elder Abuse stated that in 2014, 1.4 million Americans reside in nursing homes, while another 835,200 lived in residential care communities. When we entrust nursing homes with the care of our loved ones, we want to feel secure in the knowledge that our family members are safe, and well-cared for.

New Jersey’s Safe Care Cam Program

With reports of nursing home negligence and abuse on the rise, New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs (NJDCA) recently announced a new effort to help families monitor the health of safety of family members residing in nursing homes across the state. The recently announced Safe Care Cam program takes a new spin on the idea of “nanny cams”, providing family members of nursing home residents with the ability to install hidden micro cameras in the room of their family members, and monitor the care they are receiving.

The NJDCA is currently offering a free 30 day trial period for their Safe Care Cam program, and encourage any interested parties to reach out directly to the NJDCA for more information. Members of the program are expected to train themselves on the use and operation of the cameras, and are responsible for reviewing any footage taken themselves.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Mercer County NJ

Nursing home abuse can take many forms; neglecting to properly care for residents, physical and mental abuse, to outright theft of property. The NJDCA hopes that with these cameras in place, family members can take the steps necessary to preventing such abuse from taking place, rather than only being able to file personal injury lawsuits after the fact.

However, for victims and family of nursing home abuse victims, while it may be too late to install monitoring cameras, financial restitution and compensation may still be an option. Care givers and administrators may be held responsible for incidents of neglect and abuse in civil court, and with the help of an experienced nursing home negligence attorney, you can successfully recover the compensation you and your family need and deserve for acts of negligence and abuse suffered in nursing homes and care facilities.

Nursing home residents are protected under both state and federal laws, and those laws exist not only to protect current residents and help them seek restitution, but to punish offenders are prevent future acts of negligence from taking place.

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