Mercer County NJ Pool Safety RegulationsComing from one of the longest and dreariest winters in recent history, many of us in New Jersey are ready for summer. And with the summer season come lazy days at public and private pools. Swimming has been a part of many of our lives for years, which can sometimes allow us to forget the inherent dangers involved for adults and children alike. Serious injuries can occur from drowning, slip and fall accidents, and much more. Thankfully, many of these injurious accidents leading to brain injuriesback injuries, or even wrongful death can be avoided by adhering to New Jersey pool safety laws.

Today, our personal injury attorneys will discuss pool safety regulations, some little known pool accident statistics, and a strategy to stay safe this summer.

“William’s Law” Mercer County, NJ Pool Safety Regulations

On February of 2010, New Jersey legislators passed our state’s pool safety laws known as William’s Law. Amongst the many regulations laid out in this legislation include terms for pools, their surrounding structures, and the behavior of pool owners. Our Mercer County pool safety attorneys recommend that all pool owners adhere to the following state mandated standards:

  • “Swimming Pools” may be considered any structure containing water of eighteen (18) or more inches in depth or eight (8) feet or greater in width. This may include swimming pools, non-portable spas, ponds, fountains, hot tubs, and more
  • All swimming pools must be enclosed by a four sided fence or other barrier. The side of a house or other structure may be considered a fence in this case
  • All gates or other openings leading to the pool area must utilize a self closing and self latching openings

There are several other specific regulations such as fences being a minimum of four (4) feet in height and much more. To make sure your pool is up to standard, view the state pool safety laws (linked at beginning of section) or contact a qualified Mercer County attorney.

Princeton Drowning Accident Attorneys Discuss Safe Pool Procedures

Approximately three out of four drowning deaths in the U.S. are suffered by children aged five (5) and under. Tens of thousands of children are hospitalized each year due to injuries sustained at both local and private swimming pools. While our Princeton personal injury attorneys are here to serve pool accident victims and their families, we would all like to avoid these injurious accidents in the first place. Here are a few simple tips to keep your family safe in the water this summer:

Swim with a buddy – adults and children both benefit from swimming with another individual. The buddy system can truly save lives as drowning can occur silently and with little commotion above the surface.

Always have a lifeguard or supervisor – along those lines, it is recommended to always have an adult lifeguard or individual trained in CPR with eyes on the water at all times. A relaxing summer day can turn deadly quickly without proper adult supervision.

Take swimming lessons – it has been estimated that the number one way to keep children safe in pools is to teach them to swim. Swimming lessons are relatively inexpensive and may keep your children safe for years to come.

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