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Phil and I have our own caseloads, so we work independent of each other but we´re always consulting each other on cases we talk about. The types of cases we talk about the value of cases. If I´m unavailable for something; Phil will cover for me and vice versa. That´s the benefit of a small firm; clients are not just handed off from person to person. If I hand off a case to Phil, I have full confidence that Phil will handle it the same way I would.

Mercer County Personal Injury Attorneys You Can Reach

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or have been injured in any type of accident that may have been caused due to a negligent party and you are considering hiring a lawyer, you might be considering both large and small law firms. There are advantages and disadvantages to representation from both types of firms, and it is important to assess your individual needs and concerns when deciding what lawyer you are interested in retaining.

Small Law Firm Attention with a Large Law Firm Reputation

Having a direct and personal relationship with your lawyer is an essential part of any attorney-client relationship. A close relationship with your attorney is something you may not always get if you engage the services of a large law firm. Yet, while some personal injury clients enjoy the individual attention that a small law firm can provide, small firms may not always have the available resources to take on a complicated case and they may not be able to devote enough time to each individual case.

Trenton Law Firm Dedicated to Fight for the Rights of Accident Victims

If the Partners of Cohen & Riechelson take on your case, they take it on with the expectation and the commitment that they will dedicated all necessary time and resources to see the matter through to the best of there abilities.

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