Tips For Making Your Mercer County Workplace SaferFor most of us the bulk of each day is spent in and around the workplace.  Maintaining high productivity should be the goal of any employer and good employee.  Lack of proper safety is a direct threat to maintaining high productivity as it can cause personal injuries to your employees resulting from workplace accidents which can lead to workers’ compensation claims.  In essence, lack of proper safety protocol is a direct threat to the viability and profitability of any business.

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Safety for Employees in Trenton Begins With Maintaining a Safety Culture

Building and maintaining a safety culture begins from the top down with management.  Meaning that those in leadership roles must lead by example.  Safety must be maintained as the most important component of your daily work activities. When employees see managers and management engaging is safe work practices it has a very positive “trickle down” effect.

Safety protocol and safety gear

It is important for management to set down clear safety procedures and protocol. This includes outlining in clear written and verbal form to all employees the proper safety gear that must be utilized for any particular activity as well as making sure that the proper safety gear is available and in proper working order for the use of your employees.

Safety training

Training all employees in proper safety methods is critical to any safety culture and safe work environment.  All employees should be completed trained in the correct and safest way to perform their jobs according to your business’ established safety protocols. This training is best given by the most qualified individuals available.

Open communication

Open lines of communication between employees and management can help to identify previously unidentified safety issues.  One on one conversations as well as group conversation will serve for many employees and will provide critical feedback.  Also anonymous written survey serve well for getting information from employees who may not feel comfortable expressing their concerns publicly.

Costs Associated With Workplace Accidents and Injuries

The costs of making your workplace safer is one of the primary reasons that some employers neglect these responsibilities.  However this is extremely short sited.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace each day amounting to more than $300 million in medical expenses, not to mention workers’ compensation claims and lost productivity.

The true question is not if a business can afford to build a proper and safe environment for everyone who works there but if they can afford not to.

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