A Trenton NJ man who was reportedly the victim of a vicious dog attack in his neighborhood has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the owner of the dog.

The dog attack reportedly went down in December 2015. The victim had just stepped outside of his residence on Riverside Drive in Trenton New Jersey when the attack occurred. At the time, the victim was walking his own dog, a pit bull, and pushing his young child in a stroller. Suddenly, the victim saw a “golden-colored dog” emerge from a nearby yard and attack a different dog. The attacking dog’s owner soon came out of her home and brought the dog inside.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the incident. A short time later, as the victim, his child, and his dog were walking past the house, the attacking dog again emerged and savagely attacked the victim’s pit bull. When the victim tried to separate the dogs, he suffered his own injuries as the attacking dog went after him.

During the attack on the victim, the dog reportedly bit his hand. The victim later went to a hospital, where he received extensive medical treatment for his dog bite injuries. Since that time, the victim has also undergone follow-up medical treatment and rehabilitation. According to the victim’s personal injury lawsuit, the injuries he sustained in the dog attack have left him with permanent marks on his hand.

The victim’s dog was taken to Trenton Veterinary Hospital, where vets treated the animal for significant puncture wounds to the neck.

Now the victim has filed a civil lawsuit against the dog owner and is seeking damages to cover the costs of his medical bills, the vet bills for his own dog, and his pain and suffering.

The owner of the pit bull involved in the attack is actually a neighbor of the victim. The victim is suing her for negligently failing to keep her potentially dangerous dog under control and allowing the animal to get free and attack passersby on the street.

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