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Trips and Slips May Cause Falls with Serious InjuriesWe are all exposed to the dangers of trips and slips that can result in serious injuries. An unexpected fall can have a significant impact on our health. Cohen & Riechelson has represented many people who have sustained life-altering injuries arising from falls due to the negligence of others. This has become even a greater problem with the downturn in the economy as people and businesses are doing less to maintain their property as required by law and common decency.

While businesses continue to invite you to their stores to shop, and while there, present you with advertising and displays designed to distract you, they are leaving you vulnerable to dangerous conditions when they fail to adequately maintain their property.

Some situations leading to injurious fall-downs that our firm has encountered are:

  1. Improperly constructed/maintained handicap ramps.
  2. Improperly constructed/maintained stairways.
  3. Poor lighting in dark areas.
  4. Holes, deep cracks, potholes and improperly designed walkways in parking lots, especially in high traffic areas where the public may be carrying packages blocking their view.
  5. Poorly maintained sidewalks, stairwells, and walkways in residential rental communities.
  6. Spills in stores
  7. Poor snow and ice removal in residential and commercial parking lots and walkways.

These are only a few of the many problems that are becoming more and more common as businesses and individuals fail to allocate their resources towards safety and precaution in tough economic times.

Trip, Slip, and Falls

Trip, Slip, and FallsCohen & Riechelson has represented people with injuries arising from trip/slip and falls ranging from broken bones to severely impaired vision, and even brain damage resulting in cognitive difficulties. If you fall and hurt yourself, the first thing to do, of course, is to get medical assistance to be certain that your injuries, if any, are properly attended to. If you think your fall may have been the consequence of the negligence of another in maintaining their property properly, you may have a reason to pursue damages for the injuries that you have suffered.

Should I look for legal counsel?

It is extremely important that you contact competent counsel as soon as possible so that photographs and measurements can be taken of the area that caused the problem. Even if you are uncertain of the nature and extent of your injuries, do not delay in seeking legal counsel as a delay in undertaking the proper investigation at the site where you fell can be damaging, if not devastating, to your any claims you may eventually have. If you wait too long and the problem area has been repaired by the time the investigation is conducted, there will be little evidence of the original negligence that precipitated your fall. Photographs and measurements, properly taken will be of great assistance in pursuing your claims should you decide to do so.

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Cohen & Riechelson knows and will take the necessary steps to conduct a proper investigation as soon as we are contacted for injuries sustained as a result of slip/trip and falls. With the right representation, you are assured of your rights!

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