Mechanic’s Faulty Repairs in NJ Caused Your Crash? Find out Your Next Steps and Legal Options

Understanding Liability in New Jersey Car Accidents Caused by Faulty Repairs

In New Jersey, if you drive, you inevitably have to deal with a mechanic at some point in time. If you deal with a mechanic, or any professional for that matter, it is important to find someone trustworthy and competent. Most drivers have no idea what they’re looking at under the hood. What happens if we trust a mechanic, but then realize he wasn’t as trustworthy or competent as we originally thought? What if you get into an accident that is not your fault but your mechanic’s fault? Well this article tells you exactly what to do if your mechanic didn’t do their job correctly. Suffering from a faulty repair can be extremely frustrating and potentially dangerous. There is legal recourse to rectify the issues, but certain steps must be followed. 

Duty of Care for Mechanics and Auto Repair Shops in New Jersey

Mechanics and auto repair shops have a very clear legal duty to perform all their work with a reasonable level of skill and care. Mechanics are expected to have both the knowledge and expertise to do the work they are hired to do. The mechanic is expected to be professional, and making sure the vehicle is safe. They must also advise of all work being done and all work that needs to be done. The standard is paramount in ensuring that vehicles are adequately and appropriately repaired and maintained.

Car Defect Accidents: When Faulty Parts or Repairs Cause Crashes

A car defect accident is an accident that is caused by a malfunction in a vehicle’s components. When a part is not functioning as it is expected to, it is a defective part. When this malfunction leads to an accident, then the accident is a car defect accident. The malfunction can arise out of a defect in the vehicle’s design, any malfunctioning errors, or inadequate or improper maintenance of the vehicle. This usually looks like a mechanic not completing jobs, not inspecting vehicles, using the wrong part, using a defective part, or inflicting more damage on a vehicle.

Common Faulty Automotive Repairs Leading to Collisions

Common defects that may cause a car accident include defective fuel tanks and fuel lines, failure of the brakes, issues with steering, defective tires, and faulty airbags, among other components.  These defects can arise out of the use of defective parts, incomplete repairs, inadequate maintenance, using the wrong parts for a repair, using defective parts for a repair, not properly inspecting the vehicle, or negligent work on a vehicle. Something as simple as failing to tighten a bolt can cause significant damage or a significant collision.

Top Injuries in Accidents Caused by Substandard Auto Body Work

The most common injuries associated with accidents caused by flawed automative repair jobs include Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), concussions, whiplash, facial injuries, spinal injuries, fractured bones, internal bleeding, organ damage, knee injuries, and/or death.

What Are the Steps to Identify Liability in a Motor Vehicle Accident Caused by Faulty Repairs?

To identify liability in a motor vehicle accident that is caused by a defect or a faulty repair, it is crucial to immediately document the scene as best as possible. This is typically done by taking photographs and  gathering other evidence on the scene, such as video or taped eyewitness accounts.  Another important step in protecting yourself is collecting maintenance records. By keeping a collection of all records you can establish a timeline of repairs and maintenance to see when potential issues began and exactly what work has been done to your vehicle. Lastly, it is important to consult with experts and analyze any repair work in order to find a faulty repair or defect that caused the accident.

How Can You Prove Mechanical Failure Due to Faulty Repair?

Proving mechanical failure due to faulty repair in a car accident can be extremely difficult. This is why it is essential for an experienced attorney to represent you in your case. As with all negligence cases, an attorney must prove four elements: duty, breach causation and damages. The first thing to prove is that the mechanic owed you a certain standard of care when you sought their professional advice in fixing your vehicle. Secondly, your attorney must show that the mechanic’s work on your vehicle fell short of meeting this standard of care constituting a breach of their duty. After the first two elements are met, your attorney will have to show that their breach of duty caused damages to you.

Recoverable Damages for Faulty Repair Auto Accident Injuries in NJ

NJ Lawyers can Sue Mechanics and Auto Body Shops for Faulty Repair Accidents

There are a wide variety of damages that can be recovered in these types of cases. First and foremost, your medical expenses can be recovered. This includes medical expenses for past, current and future medical treatment needed as a result of the accident. Secondly, any lost employment wages that were missed as a result of being injured in the accident are recoverable. Pain and suffering caused by any emotional distress or physical pain suffered as a result of the accident is recoverable. All property damage and loss of future earning capacity is compensable. Lastly, punitive damages can be recovered in cases where gross negligence, or willful misconduct, is shown in order to prevent the defendant from acting like that again in the future.

Steps to Take When Faulty Repairs Lead to Vehicle Mechanical Problems

If you suspect that there is mechanical failure of your vehicle due to faulty repairs, it is important to stop using the vehicle immediately in order to avoid worsening the issue and increasing the damage. Secondly, you must document and record all issues with the vehicle including dates and times certain issues have been recognized. Then, it is time to contact the repair shop. After you get an initial evaluation of the issue, get a second opinion. Keep all invoices, bills, receipts, and communications with all of those whose help you seek for the vehicle. Lastly, contact an attorney who has handled this type of case before.

Injured in an Accident Caused by Faulty Repairs in NJ? Contact Trusted Attorneys at Cohen & Riechelson for Help

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If you or a loved one has been injured by a faulty repair-induced accident, we can provide sound legal advice and guidance while investigating the situation and circumstances surrounding your accident. If we find signs of negligence, we will use the facts to prove it and obtain the just compensation for you deserve for the harm caused by a neglectful mechanic, body shop, or auto repair center. First, we attempt to negotiate a settlement that is fair to you. If we cannot come to an agreement that best serve your interests, our accident lawyers are fully equipped to represent you in court and prove a case for negligence in front of a judge.

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