At Cohen & Riechelson we believe that our clients should focus on healing both physically and emotionally and we will handle the rest. Of the 83 million dogs registered in the country, unfortunately, some have the propensity for violence and their aggression can result in violent attacks on innocent victims. If you or a loved one have experienced such an attack, and/or god forbid one of your children has been injured, liability is likely the first thing that will come to mind along with the obvious concern for the well being of the loved one.

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Who is liable for damages resulting from a Mercer County dog bite?

There are dogs out there that have the capacity for violence, and people do get injured from dog bites, and the fact that they get hurt does not mean that there´s no lawsuit that can be filed or there are claims for compensation from a dog bite. In New Jersey, the statute is clear that the owner is liable for the damage caused by a dog.

Trenton NJ Dog Bite Attorneys Determine Liability and Coverage of Your Claim

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury from any type of unfortunate and catastrophic event including car accidents, slip and fall, construction accident, work-related accident, or been bitten or mauled by a dog; it is essential to know what is the insurance covers and to understand your rights under the laws of New Jersey.
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