A Bristol Township resident has been arrested and charged after a fatal high-speed crash and DUI 

Fatal Car Accident Bucks County PA - Vehicle in Flames after being struck by a Drunk DriverAccording to Pennsylvania State Police, a Toyota Sienna minivan was traveling along the highway while the occupants were on their way home from work. Due to concern about mechanical issues, the minivan had its hazard lights on at the time. The minivan, containing four occupants, was hit from behind by the Toyota Sports Utility Vehicle. The impact caused the minivan to go off the highway and striking a concrete barrier. The minivan then became engulfed in flames.

State Police said that two of the occupants in the rear of the minivan were killed by the fast-moving fire.  The minivan driver and one passenger sustained injuries and including burns.

Driving at a High Speed with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) well over the Legal Limit

Reportedly, an investigation into the crash revealed that the driver of the Toyota Sienna had been drinking alcohol before the collision.  Troopers obtaining vehicle data from the Toyota Sienna disclosed that the vehicle was traveling at between 106 mph and 115 mph at the time of the crash. It was disclosed that blood draw taken following the crash from the driver of the Toyota Sienna measured blood-alcohol level between .151 and .169 percent, well above the legal limit of .08.

Fatal Accident Data Due to Alcohol-Impaired Drivers

The Center for Disease Control reports that every day there is 29 death in the United States caused by alcohol-impaired drivers.  This horrifying statistic means that there is one death every 50 fifty minutes throughout the nation that could have been prevented.

PennDot Alcohol-Related Accident Statistics in Pennsylvania

PennDot reports that in 2018, the number of alcohol-related crashes decreased to 9,811 from 10,346 alcohol-related crashes in 2017. This was the lowest number in the preceding five years. However, in 2018, alcohol-related fatalities increased to 331 from 293 alcohol-related fatalities in 2017.  Alcohol-related accidents reportedly caused 6,227 injuries in 2018.

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